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"Fight Girl Battle World" (Infusion Theatre): Sci-Fi Geek's Wet Dream

"Fight Girl Battle World" (Infusion Theatre): Sci-Fi Geek's Wet Dream
Worlds collide in this intergalactic match-up. Humans vs aliens.  E-V vs Adon-Ra.  Comedy vs action.  Puppets vs actors.  The sci-fi spoof is a tribute to humanity.  Playwright Qui Nguyen penned the futuristic story of the extinction of the human race.   His clever satire tries to hook-up the last two humans in the galaxy; the streetfighter E-V   and... Read more »

"Julius Caesar" (Babes with Blades): Female Force Attacks

"Julius Caesar" (Babes with Blades):  Female Force Attacks
Babes with Blades Theatre Company presents Julius Caesar. Rome welcomes back its hometown hero, Julius Caesar. The city’s vocal and visible adoration add to JC’s healthy self-esteem. They want him to be their King. JC’s growing popularity and arrogance gives the Senate pause. A group of rebels fear Caesar will turn the democracy to dictatorship. They... Read more »

The Double (Babes with Blades Theatre Company): Madcap Love Fest!

A starlet flips her lid as yucks cast an eyeball on the bum rap that she’s a sharecropper.  The director’s ex snaps a cap over her active duty.  Is it the wrong gee?  Should she bust his chops or take a powder?  Babes With Blades Theatre presents the world premiere ofThe Double.  It’s 1940’s.  Conspirators have rallied... Read more »

Review "Feet of Clay": Knocks Your Socks Off!

LASTmatch Theatre Company presents FEET OF CLAYAt the Royal George Gallery Theatre, 1641 N. HalstedWritten by Stephen Louis GrushBased on Anton Chekov’s ‘Three Sisters’Directed by David PerezThursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pmThru March 19th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Orah hates her job.  Matty hates her marriage.  Iris... Read more »