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"Teddy Ferrara" (Goodman Theatre): What are you trying to say, Teddy?

"Teddy Ferrara" (Goodman Theatre): What are you trying to say, Teddy?
Goodman Theatre presents the world premiere of TEDDY FERRARA.  Gabe is a senior in college.  He plans to make this year the best.  He wants a boyfriend, a student presidency and a post-graduation job working on a Senate campaign.  In between, he is trying to pull the LGBTQ community together for a party.  Meanwhile, the... Read more »

"The Kid Thing" (About Face Theatre): Smart Script more than Baby Talk!

  Tick tock!  A thirty-something woman hears the escalating sounds of a stopwatch counting down her reproductive days.  Multiply this by four women in committed relationships, the deafening noise is a real cluster-clock!  About Face Theatre andChicago Dramatists present The Kid Thing.  Good friends gather for a casual dinner party.  They debate Michael Jackson’s merits as a parent.  What... Read more »

Review "Late: A Cowboy Song": Ruhl Lassos the Moon!

Piven Theatre Workshop presents LATE:  A COWBOY SONGAt 927 Noyes Street, EvanstonWritten by Sarah RuhlDirected by Jessica ThebusThru August 29, 2010Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hour and forty minutes includes a ten minute intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Things have to get ugly before they get nice.’  ‘To get clear, push the skummy stuff to the... Read more »