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"Collected Stories": (American Blues Theatre): The Story is The Story

"Collected Stories":  (American Blues Theatre):  The Story is The Story
A writer writing about writers struggling to tell their story has an amusing symmetry.  In an ode to his craft, Playwright Donald Margulies explores multiple themes.  Margulies illustrates the relationship of two writers over a six year period, starting out teacher to student before evolving.  Carmen Roman (Ruth) becomes mentor, employer, mother, contender.  And Gwendolyn Whiteside (Lisa) becomes a writer.  Margulies... Read more »

"It's a Wonderful Life" (American Blues Theater): Carols, Cookies, Clarence, CHRISTMAS!

"It's a Wonderful Life" (American Blues Theater): Carols, Cookies, Clarence, CHRISTMAS!
This holiday show spells Christmas with a capital *C*… Carols, Cookies, Clarence! American Blues Theater presents It’s a Wonderful Life: Live at the Biograph!  It’s a 1940 radio broadcast of the holiday classic.  Suicidal man sees how his life effected the entire town of Bedford Falls.  Clarence, an angel second class, is helping George Bailey vanquish his... Read more »

"Illegal Use of Hands" (American Blues Theatre): Needs to Go Deeper or Funnier!

When I was a senior in high school, our football team sucked.  They won only two games in our final year:  homecoming and senior night.  Luckily, those were the most important ones.  But no matter the anticipated outcome, we were there.  We were there to cheer, to complain and to console. American Blues Theater presents... Read more »

tick, tick...BOOM! (Porchlight Theatre): Magnetic Aguilar Nonstop Dream Chaser

30!  It’s a big one.  It’s ten years out from being a teenager.  And there is a certain expectation that by the age of 30, career, marriage, finances should be established or stabilized or at least a focus.  That’s why, when I turned 30, I freaked out and moved from Indiana to Chicago without a... Read more »

"Putting It Together" (Porchlight Music Theatre): It = Brilliant!

Me: Look, Alex Weisman.  Theatre Bob: Yep, he’s in the show.  Me: Which show?  Theatre Bob: This one. Me: What? Having never seen Stephen Sondheim’s Putting It Together, I thought Alex Weismanwas Porchlight’s special guest making the obligatory cell phone announcement. He unassumingly meanders on stage and hilariously kicks off the show with a sequence from The Frogs. During... Read more »