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"Fallow" (Steep Theatre): Timely and Truthful

"Fallow" (Steep Theatre):  Timely and Truthful
Steep Theatre presents the Midwest Premiere of FALLOW. Kenneth Lin’s Chicago debut is incredibly timely in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict.  A young boy is killed because of an assailant’s assumption.  Would it make a difference if he was white?  And why should it?  In Lin’s story, the victim is white.  And all the... Read more »

"Short Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew" (Chicago Shakes): Rockwell Crushes It!

#43. Ninety minutes with no intermission is a growing trend in the theatre industry.  Playwrights are adapting new plays for an attention-span-challenged world.  People want information in tweet size nuggets.   Everyone, at all times, is expecting a very important call or text.  They can’t be off the grid for any length of time. So, how... Read more »