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"Collected Stories": (American Blues Theatre): The Story is The Story

"Collected Stories":  (American Blues Theatre):  The Story is The Story
A writer writing about writers struggling to tell their story has an amusing symmetry.  In an ode to his craft, Playwright Donald Margulies explores multiple themes.  Margulies illustrates the relationship of two writers over a six year period, starting out teacher to student before evolving.  Carmen Roman (Ruth) becomes mentor, employer, mother, contender.  And Gwendolyn Whiteside (Lisa) becomes a writer.  Margulies... Read more »

"The North Plan" (Theatre Wit): Unlikely Hero Rallies the Audience!

#48.  My family represents a microcosm of America.  We have diversity in ethnic background, economic class, religious values and political views.  Just like the United States, we are influenced by internal and external forces.  We want to follow the *good guys* but that’s not always apparent.  I remember a few Presidents back when I was... Read more »

WANT (Steppenwolf Theatre): First Look!

Time Out Theatre Editor Kris Vire told me once that he always inserts into his hectic review schedule new companies and new shows.  Despite being in demand on the established theatre season circuit, Kris likes to be in the audience for inaugural productions.  He wants to see the next big thing when it launches… new actor, new... Read more »