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EXTENDED Thru Feb 1 "The Seafarer" (Seanachai Theatre): The Drunken Holiday Show Alternative

EXTENDED Thru Feb 1 "The Seafarer" (Seanachai Theatre):  The Drunken Holiday Show Alternative
Seanachai Theatre presents THE SEAFARER. It’s Christmas time.  Richard plans to spend the holiday blind-stinking drunk…literally. Brad Armacost (Richard) is a boozer who lost his eyesight.  No one in Chicago plays a sloshed Irishman more charming than Armacost.  In The Seafarer, Armacost is hilariously inebriated.  A vivid storyteller, Armacost has this marvelous ability to draw the audience in... Read more »

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre): Illuminating!

"The Electric Baby" (Rivendell Theatre):  Illuminating!
Potatoes under the arms absorb odor. Whiskey soaked socks cure a cough. A banana peel on the head makes a headache go away. Stefanie Zadravec’s play immediately charms as Kathy Logelin (Natalia) shares homespun remedies for ailments. The no-nonsense, sage-like Logelin captivates with her old world knowledge. Perched on one side of the theatre, Logelin... Read more »

"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre): Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop

"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre):  Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop
Seanachai Theatre presents Hughie.  Erie Smith is a small-time gambler and big-time talker.  He’s coming off his most recent bender. He’s looking for the comforts of home.  He’s searching for his Hughie. Charley Hughes is the new replacement night clerk.  For years, Erie has returned home from his latest craps game or hook-up  to chat it out... Read more »

"Falling: A Wake" (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble): Quirky Love Story

#56. In the movie “Crash,” there is an unforgettable statement: ‘we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.‘   I believe that’s true.  People go about their daily routines with suppressed emotions.  It takes the jolt of an unexpected impact to release feelings. Rivendell Theatre Ensemble presents the Midwest... Read more »