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"The Birds" (Hell in a Handbag): Riotously Funny!

"The Birds" (Hell in a Handbag):  Riotously Funny!
When it came to finding a leading lady for the follow-up to his 1960 hit Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock cast a wide net after being rebuffed by his original choice, Grace Kelly. He eventually discovered a blond-haired, blue-eyed doppelganger in the form of a young Midwestern model named Nathalie “Tippi” Hedren who made her screen debut in “The Birds”... Read more »

"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!

"Rooms: a rock romance" (Broken Nose Theatre): Love Rocks!
Broken Nose Theatre presents ROOMS: a rock romance W.I.T.!  The character Monica keeps announcing ‘Whatever It Takes‘ to her cohort Ian in their climb from obscurity to fame.  Life imitates art as Matt Deitchman (Ian) and Hillary Marren (Monica) certainly do whatever it took to actualize this play.  Even with the cranked Collaboraction Theatre air conditioning inside, the steamy 97... Read more »

"Tea with Edie and Fitz" (Dead Writers Theatre Collective): Tea is for Terrific

"Tea with Edie and Fitz" (Dead Writers Theatre Collective): Tea is for Terrific
Dead Writers Theatre Collective presents the Chicago premiere of Tea with Edie and Fitz – a show all about the fusion of writing.  Playwright Adam Pasen has imagined the 1925 meeting of iconic writers; Edith Wharton and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Historically, little is known about the actual event that would cause Wharton and Fitzgerald to ‘defriend‘ after one tea party. ... Read more »

"The Fisherman" (Stage Left Theatre): Casts Line Into Shark Pool

#42. I always knew when my dad had been fishing.  He smelled like pipe tobacco and bass.  There were leftover old-fashion doughnuts on the kitchen counter and fish for dinner.  And life was good. Stage Left Theatre presents the world premiere of The Fisherman.  The Twins are losing.  The carp are biting.  The beer is cooling.  For... Read more »

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater): Adorable!

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater):  Adorable!
#32.  I am still haunted by a Flannery O’Connor story that I read thirty years ago.  “The Displaced Person” is about a foreigner transplanted to Georgia as a farmhand.  He is treated as an outcast.  He keeps to himself.  People hate him because they don’t know who is.  And the ending… yikes! Provision Theater presents The Foreigner.  Charlie is... Read more »