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"Take Her to See the Maco Lights" (Prologue Theatre): See It This Week

I do believe in ghosts.  Not the terrorizing banshee types or the cemetery back-from-the-dead spooks, I believe my present is interconnected with the past and the future.  A deja vu or prickly sensation is tethered to something that already happened or will happen.  A friend once told me that he saw one of my crying... Read more »

"Jamaica, Farewell" (Meadowbrook Entertainment): Jamaica to Miami -the hard way!

#106.  I’ve only been to Jamaica once.  It was for a wedding.  The beaches were beautiful.  The people were friendly.  The locale was postcard perfect. Jamaica IS an enchanting place to visit.  But getting out of there?!  It was a nightmare, man!  Our Apple vacation was overbooked.  The airport shut down by 9.  We were... Read more »