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"Jamaica, Farewell" (Meadowbrook Entertainment): Jamaica to Miami -the hard way!

#106.  I’ve only been to Jamaica once.  It was for a wedding.  The beaches were beautiful.  The people were friendly.  The locale was postcard perfect. Jamaica IS an enchanting place to visit.  But getting out of there?!  It was a nightmare, man!  Our Apple vacation was overbooked.  The airport shut down by 9.  We were... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up The Factory, Lifeline, Chicago Shakes, Theater Wit, Goodman and More!

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings from local theatre companies: “The Iceman Cometh” at Goodman Theatre,“Pride and Prejudice” at Lifeline Theatre, “Tigers Sit Still” at Theatre Wit, and “Timon of Athens” at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.  Then, we chat with Scott Oken, Artistic Director at The Factory, director of “White Trash Wedding and a Funeral”, Mike Beyer, Ensemble member at The Factory, writer of “White Trash Wedding and a Funeral”, and Debra Ehrhardt, “Jamaica, Farewell” one woman show at Chopin Theatre.  And... Read more »