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"Invasion" (Silk Road Rising): Abulkasem

"Invasion" (Silk Road Rising):  Abulkasem
Silk Road Risings presents the Midwest Premiere of INVASION. Within the first ten minutes, this show establishes itself as unconventional… startlingly so. And then the avant-garde artistry continues. Sometimes, the play is a play within a play. Sometimes, it’s a TV show or a lecture with an interpreter. Playwright Jonas Hassen Khemiri used multiple mediums... Read more »

"The Three Musketeers" (Lifeline Theatre): Not Quite What I Had Imagined

"The Three Musketeers" (Lifeline Theatre):  Not Quite What I Had Imagined
When Lifeline announced their 2012/2013 season last year, I was immediately excited.  Having seen the talented ensemble in multiple productions, I immediately pre-cast Chris Hainsworth (Athos) and Christopher M. Walsh – no relation (Porthos).  And I eagerly awaited to see the spectacular adventure created by Lifeline.  And even though I was right about casting Hainsworth... Read more »

"Motion" (Signal Ensemble): A Winner!

#21.  Next Sunday’s Super Bowl officially ends the football season.   The last tailgate party will be pulling out of the lot.  Suddenly, fans will find time on their clock as they get benched.  Where can diehards go for a post-season football fix? Signal Ensemble Theatre presents the world premiere of Motion.  Diane is the new GM for... Read more »

"Cyrano" (The House Theatre of Chicago): Nose You'll Love It!

  ‘My enemies are coward, compromise and vanity.’  Why wouldn’t a guy reveal his romantic feelings to his gal pal? Could it be as plain as the nose on his face?  The House Theatre of Chicago presents an original adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Cyrano is the classic tale of a poet-swordsman and his big old schnoz.  Cyrano... Read more »