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Morocco Vacation: Marrakech to Fes in Pictures!

For those, who like pictures better than written ramblings… Morocco:  The Slide Show   by photographer Willie Paulino. For those, who missed the first postings, here’s the written recap… Day 1:  Snake Watch! Day 2:  Eat, Pray, Love! Day 3: Bill Turns 40! Day 4: Steve’s Marrakech Day 5: Marrakech Express Day 6: Fes-cination! Day 7:  Mr.... Read more »

Review Morocco: Last Day TrainS, PlaneS, and Automobile Plus a few cabs!

<– Obi Wan Kenobi collection captured during a photograph of the *view*. This is the natural look. Others kick it up with bright colors and designs. Before the crack of dawn, Smiley and Willie depart the riad to fly to London for the next part of their journey.   And then there were four… It’s... Read more »

Review Morocco: Day 7 Mr. Bojangles Guides the Brat Pack

To get the most of Fes, we request the return of Mr. Bojangles (our tour guide is a Moroccan Sammie Davis Jr) to lead the brat pack through the medina.  It’s the second day of the souk buns-of-steel work-out and Smiley has dropped two dress sizes.  Just walking through the medina gives you a wonderful... Read more »

Review Morocco: Day 6 FES-cination!

Our total time in Fez is less than 60 hours!  Decisive action is needed to ensure we see the town during our beat-the-clock scenario.  Advice from gone-to-Fes friends and guidebooks give the same message: count on being lost in the labyrinth.   We decide to hire a guide!  To give Jen a bit of a... Read more »

Review Morocco: Day 5 All Aboard the "Marrakech Express"

Our Marrakech stint ended early Tuesday.  Steve, Shawn and James  are headed back to the States by way of a Madrid overnight stint.  Dick is staying in Madrid until Friday. Cridlin is vacationing in Barcelona until Sunday.  Bon journee! And then there were six… Jen, Bill, Roger, Willie, Smiley and me are Fes bound to... Read more »