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"Enchanted April" (Idle Muse Theatre): Step in to a little Enchantment, See this Show

"Enchanted April" (Idle Muse Theatre):  Step in to a little Enchantment, See this Show
“To those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine…and who have ever hoped, on occasion, that a little Enchantment might step in…” Enchantment is the word to describe this old-fashioned girls getaway.  Playwright Matthew Barber captures the essences of Elizabeth von Arnim’s novel about four women in post WWI England.  The unacquainted ladies are all drawn to the same advertisement.  They... Read more »

"Shakespeare's R & J" (Idle Muse Theatre): Acting Out in School to Perfection!

#38.  I went to parochial schools for sixteen years. Conformity was the lesson taught by the nuns with the optional extra-curricular Catholic guilt.  We wore uniforms.  Our button-down shirts could only have the top button undone.  Guys’ trousers could not have back pockets.  The girls had a little more flexibility.  They could choose between blue... Read more »

"The Lion in Winter" (Idle Muse Theatre Company): Marvelous Monarchial Mayhem!

         Brothers are fighting over the Crown of England.  Mom is visiting from prison.  Dad is sleeping with his son’s fiance.  The King of France is in the guest room.  Going home for the holidays can be stressful. For this family, it’s going to be war! Idle Muse Theatre Company presents The Lion... Read more »