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"RACE" (Goodman Theatre): Envelop-pushing, Thought-provoking, Stomach-churning Earful!

"RACE" (Goodman Theatre):  Envelop-pushing, Thought-provoking, Stomach-churning Earful!
#18.  I’ve had to fire two people in my career.  It’s always difficult.  The ick factor is a chart buster.  On one of the occasions, my former employee tried to sue me for racial discrimination.  He had no case and it was dismissed.  But the idea still haunts me.  How are my actions and words... Read more »

Review "Lakeboat": Mamet's Bunch of Bull Ship

Steep Theatre presents LAKEBOAT At 1115 W. Berwyn Written by David Mamet Directed by G.J. Cederquist Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm Thru February 26th Buy Tickets Running time:  Ninety minutes with no intermission.   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   ‘I knew a guy who ate a chair because no one stopped him.’ Life on... Read more »

Review "Mamet Repertory": Cox-ed for Success!

American Theatre Company presentsTHE MAMET REPERTORY: “OLEANNA” and “SPEED-THE-PLOW”At 1909 W. Byron Street Written by David MametDirected by Rick Snyder “OLEANNA” Thru October 30th “SPEED-THE-PLOW” Thru October 31stBuy Tickets  Running Times:  “OLEANNA” is sixty minutes. “SPEED-THE-PLOW” is eighty minutes.  No intermissions. Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘You asked me to come.  I don’t understand.’  Common language... Read more »