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"If You Split A Second" (Pegasus Players): Fascinating Premise

"If You Split A Second" (Pegasus Players):  Fascinating Premise
Pegasus Players present IF YOU SPLIT A SECOND. Playwright Dana Lynn Formby unveils her newest project. A split-second decision changes a man’s life forever. He goes to prison and his life continues without him. The premise fascinates. Formby has written the story to be primarily narrated by the incarcerated Mick played by Dylan McGorty. The effect of Mick’s... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up Goodman, Pegasus, Mortar and More

Off Book Chats Up Goodman, Pegasus, Mortar and More
Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book reviews Measure for Measure at Goodman Theatre.  Our special guests are Dana Lynn Formby, playwright and Ilesa Duncan, director of Pegasus Players’ “If You Split a Second.”   This April 5th episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten by Marty’s Martini Bar.  Shot word of the day:  split   Chicago... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up Lookingglass, Mortar, The Hypocrites, Teatro Luna, Rivendell and more!

Chicago Theatre Off Book chats about three new theatre openings during the review round-up:  “Romeo Juliet” by The Hypocrites, “Living Large in a Mini Way” byTeatro Luna, and “Crooked” by Rivendell Theatre.  Next, we chat with Rachel Edwards Harvith, Ensemble member at Mortar Theatre  and Andrew White, Artistic Director at Lookingglass Theatre. And of course, we have two new “Got A Minute?” episodes. Plus, coming soon… Chicago Theatre... Read more »

"Bombs, Babes and Bingo" (Mortar Theatre): Clever Premise

In moments of great sadness, I often swallow a great one liner or life musing.  It’s a curse and a gift that in times of grief, I see humor.  Funeral, break-up, argument, it doesn’t matter the situation – something funny usually occurs to me.  Sometimes I give into sharing the joke.  The comedic release can... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book's 1st Ever GAM-fest!

During our holiday hiatus, Chicago Theatre Off Book  on Chicago Independent Radio Project, CHIRP is featuring its first-ever GAM-fest!  It’s back to back episodes of our popular “Got A Minute?” segment.  The one minute audio plays feature playwrights’ work performed by our local theatre talent. We invite you to listen up and enjoy this inaugural GAM-fest! In addition, we welcome any writers’... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book Chats with Lifeline and Lookingglass plus recent show reviews

 It’s another round of Chicago Theatre Off Book on CHIRP!  This week, we review local theatre offerings about family dysfunction, community dysfunction, and artistic dysfunction. Later, we’ll chat with Lifeline and Lookingglass about the excitement around their 2011/2012 Season. And of course, we’re featuring two local playwrights in our one-minute audio play segment, Got A Minute? Have a listen and... Read more »

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre): Human Complexity to the Core

"Corazon De Manzana" (Mortar Theatre):  Human Complexity to the Core
My sister Cindy and I use to stick toothpicks into our Barbies’ heads.  Sometimes, it was to give them a fashionable up-do.  And sometimes, it was just to dishevel their appearances.  With the Dream House AND the dune buggy, our Barbies’ lives were a little too perfect.  They needed a reality check on life’s hardships. ... Read more »

Review "Inherit the Whole": Buried Treasure!

Mortar Theatre presentsINHERIT THE WHOLE at Athenaeum Theatre2936 N. SouthportWritten by Dana Lynn FormbyDirected by Jason BoatThru June 27th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hundred and five minutes includes a fifteen minute intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Nothing or something divided by three or five.  A trio of brothers and two wives battle over the inheritance... Read more »