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"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf): So, Damn Clever!

"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf):  So, Damn Clever!
#176. Q:  What could superheroes, Shakespeare, and telethons possibly have in common? A:  The Tempest Abraham Werewolf presents Spirits to Enforce.  In Fathom, a group of actors are trying to raise funds for their production of “The Tempest.” The ensemble dials for dollars during a telethon.  No one is interested.  The group decides to drop their secret... Read more »

"OR" (Caffeine Theatre): See OR…. or you’ll regret it!

Real or imagined.  Fact or fiction.  Truth or fabrication. Writers craft words together to tell a story.  Each word is chosen for a purpose.  Sequenced together in sentences, every word has the potential to change the meaning.  For a writer, it’s not as important to be black or white, as long as it’s read.  Caffeine... Read more »