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"The Dead" (Court Theatre): Irish Awakening Enchants

"The Dead" (Court Theatre):  Irish Awakening Enchants
Court Theatre presents THE DEAD.  The Morkans are having a party.  It’s 1904 in Dublin, Ireland.  To celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, Miss Julia and Miss Kate, along with their niece Mary Jane, throw their annual soiree.  The coveted invitation gathers friends and family to an evening of music.  The sisters encourage guests to... Read more »

ANGELS IN AMERICA Part 2 (Court Theatre): Inspirational Conclusion

ANGELS IN AMERICA Part 2 (Court Theatre):  Inspirational Conclusion
PART 2 #94.  Court Theatre presents ANGELS IN AMERICA PART TWO:  PERESTROIKA.  My work began last Saturday afternoon with Part One:  Millennium Approaches.  It concluded yesterday with another visit to Court. Led by Rob Lindley and Larry Yando, the cast are celestial beings.  Under Charles Newell’s expert direction, every character showcases a poignant transformational moment. ... Read more »

"Angels in America, Part 1" (Court Theatre): Poignant Gut Check

"Angels in America, Part 1" (Court Theatre):  Poignant Gut Check
#86.  “ ‘Angels in America’?  Yeah, I already saw it.’  This has been the standard response from my friends.  They are usually referring to the 2003 Emmy Award-winning television mini-series.  Yeah, I saw it too and frankly didn’t really like it.  But that’s because watching television for me is like white noise and sound.  I’m... Read more »

Off Book Chats with Court Theatre, Chicago Children's Theatre and MORE!

Chicago Theatre Off Book is kicking off 2012 chatting about upcoming shows at Court Theatre, Chicago Children’s Theatre and Theatre Oobleck.  With Chicago theatre just coming back from a holiday break, there is no review round-up.  But Charles Newell and Mark Messing intrigue with glimpses of 2012 theatre.  And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments... Read more »

"An Iliad" (Court Theatre): Kane Wins the War!

"An Iliad" (Court Theatre):  Kane Wins the War!
My mom once told me that-time-of-the-month rendered a woman helpless to her emotions but that every day of the month, men were at the mercy of their competitive rage.  She believes that’s why we have wars.  I’d suggest that we broaden that idea to explain boxing, video games and Viagra. Court Theatre presents a regional... Read more »

Review "Porgy & Bess": Splendid Re-Imagined Classic!

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 2nd   Narrated by Joshua Volkers Court Theatre presents PORGY & BESSAt 5535 S. EllisLyrics by George and Ira Gershwin Libretto by DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Directed by Charles Newell  Music direction by Doug PeckWednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pmFridays at 8pmSaturdays at 3pm and 8pmSundays... Read more »

Review "The Illusion": My Love for this show is no illusion!

Court Theatre presents The Illusion At 5535 S. Ellis Avenue Written by Tony Kushner Adapted from Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion comique Directed by Charles Newell Thru April 11th Buy Tickets Running Time:  Two and a half hours includes a fifteen minute intermission   ‘Love is an illusion.’  ‘Love makes the world an illusion.’ From the dark... Read more »