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"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre): WTF?

"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  WTF?
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the American premiere of THE WHEEL. My initial reaction to this show was ‘I don’t know what to think.’ Undoubtedly, this is the biggest spectacle I’ve ever seen on Steppenwolf’s stage.  Director Tina Landau doesn’t just contain the action to the stage.  Landau rips out the backdrop and uses the backstage bowels. ... Read more »

Review "Private Lives" at Chicago Shakes: Oh Coward, Brilliant!

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre presents Private Lives Written by Noel Coward Directed by Gary Griffin Thru March 7th Buy Tickets Love -hate, marriage-divorce, sex-fighting, playwright Noel Coward blurs the lines between beginnings-endings in his romantic comedy Private Lives. Chicago Shakespeare Theatre presents Private Lives, a hilarious romp about a couple madly in love for 8 years... Read more »