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"Night Over Erzinga" (Silk Road Rising): Compelling Storytelling Flounders

"Night Over Erzinga" (Silk Road Rising):  Compelling Storytelling Flounders
Silk Road Rising presents Night Over Erzinga.  Alice and Jimmy are a young married couple. They are raising a daughter in post-depression USA.  What make them different from any other couple?  They survived the genocide of their Armenian homeland.   Alice is haunted by the real nightmares of her past.  Jimmy lives with the unknown fate of his... Read more »

"Overweight, Unimportant: Misshape -A European Supper (Trap Door Theatre): Hungry for Controversy!

An attractive couple walks into a bar… No, it’s not the opening of a joke.  It’s the catalyst that bonds ordinary locals into bizarre misfits.  Trap Door Theatre presentsOVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE – A European Supper.  The usual suspects are getting their drink on.  Piggy and Bunny are knitting and sniping. Karlo is looking for a fight.  Herta... Read more »


Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 17th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers   Steppenwolf Theatre presents VENUS Reviewed by Katy Walsh A flashlight beams in the darkness.  The wind whistles outside.  Odd characters chant in repetition: ‘I regret to inform you the Venus Hottentrot is dead.  There won’t be a show... Read more »