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"Potted Potter" (Broadway in Chicago): More Madcap than Magical!

"Potted Potter" (Broadway in Chicago): More Madcap than Magical!
#225.  Starvox Entertainment and Potted Productions presents Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff. Harry Potter is a kid wizard.  He goes to Hogwarts School.  He plays Quidditch. His destiny is to battle an evil sorcerer named Voldemort.  His schoolmaster, Dumbledore provides guidance.  His friends, Hermione and Ron help too. These are the... Read more »

"I Love Lucy" Love on Stage (Broadway in Chicago): 50s Comedy Flashback

"I Love Lucy" Love on Stage (Broadway in Chicago):   50s Comedy Flashback
Reviewed by Jeanette Hamel “Why is I Love Lucy the most successful show of all time… it’s because the principles are timeless including comedy, laughter, love and friendship. There’s something inside of them that’s inside of all of us.”–Desi Arnaz, Jr. I grew up watching “I Love Lucy reruns,” and I am still watching them. On any... Read more »

"Love, Loss and What I Wore" (Broadway in Chicago): Glamour DO!

"Love, Loss and What I Wore" (Broadway in Chicago):  Glamour DO!
After wearing dark blue gabardine pants and a button-down blouse daily in high school, I found freedom of expression in college.  That 80’s wardrobe could be described with “Flashdance” meets “Breakin” with a side of Goodwill.  No, I didn’t go the preppy route.  One of my unforgettable outfits had to be a tux with red... Read more »

"Colin Quinn: Long Story Short"(Broadway in Chicago): A-musing on a-small-world-after-all phenomena!

The Greeks devised reality shows. The Romans originated the mafia.  The English invented contempt.  Progress?  Where? History just repeats!  Broadway in Chicago presents Colin Quinn: Long Story Short.  “Saturday Night Live” alum and comedian Colin Quinn brings his one man show to Chicago for a limited three week engagement.  It’s Mr. Q’s history of the... Read more »

"PINKALICIOUS" (Emerald City Theatre) Prepare to be Tickled Pink!

“Just one more” is often the difference between satisfied and regret.  It’s the last happy thought before something bad happens.  In a startling example of you-are-what-you-eat, a little girl has one too many pink cupcakes.  Emerald City Theatre brings Pinkalicious to the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place. The Pinkertons are an average, every-day family.  Dad is at work. ... Read more »


EXTENDS THRU January 1st Broadway in Chicago presents    Traces     Directed/Choreographed by Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider at Broadway Playhouse, Water Tower Place (map) through December 19  | tickets: $50-$72  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh A teeter-totter is harmless, right? Sure, until two men plummet from 20+ feet above to land on... Read more »