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"Successors" (Signal Ensemble): 'August, Osage County' Starring the Daleys

"Successors" (Signal Ensemble):  'August, Osage County' Starring the Daleys
Signal Ensemble presents the world premiere of Successors.  Mayor DeKoven has announced his sudden retirement.  He is the third generation of DeKoven mayors.  The city is surprised.  His kids are shocked.  They wonder which of them will get his endorsement for mayor:  greedy partier Marty, the smart but uptight Patricia or adult delinquent Scott.    At a family... Read more »

"Princes of Waco" (Signal Ensemble Theatre): Compelling Performances, Convoluted Script

"Princes of Waco" (Signal Ensemble Theatre):  Compelling Performances, Convoluted Script
I remember Author Flannery O’Connor from my high school English assignments.  She had a propensity to write about characters that had a dark side.  Unsettlingly but subtlety cruel.  I think it stays with me 30+ years later because before that I believed a good man wasn’t hard to find. Signal Ensemble Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Princes of... Read more »

"Motion" (Signal Ensemble): A Winner!

#21.  Next Sunday’s Super Bowl officially ends the football season.   The last tailgate party will be pulling out of the lot.  Suddenly, fans will find time on their clock as they get benched.  Where can diehards go for a post-season football fix? Signal Ensemble Theatre presents the world premiere of Motion.  Diane is the new GM for... Read more »

"We Are These Hands" (The Right Brain Project): Riveting Futuristic Fantasy!

I recently read the “Hunger Games” series.  I was completely engrossed in this futuristic world.  It’s set in a time where the divide between the destitute and the privilege is massive.  The poor are starving.  The rich are gluttonous.  The disturbing storyline of these books still haunts me.  The government is starving people into submission. ... Read more »

Review "Aftermath": Internal Implosion Results in a Super Nova!

EXTENDS THRU JANUARY 23rd Signal Ensemble Theatre presents AFTERMATHAt 1802 W. Berenice Written and directed by Ronan MarraThursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pmSundays at 3pmThru December 12th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hour and forty-five minutes includes a delayed start and no intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh How many musicians does it take to make Rolling Stones? ... Read more »