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"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf): So, Damn Clever!

"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf):  So, Damn Clever!
#176. Q:  What could superheroes, Shakespeare, and telethons possibly have in common? A:  The Tempest Abraham Werewolf presents Spirits to Enforce.  In Fathom, a group of actors are trying to raise funds for their production of “The Tempest.” The ensemble dials for dollars during a telethon.  No one is interested.  The group decides to drop their secret... Read more »

"A Bright New Boise" (Livewire Chicago): Provokes a Strong Reaction!

This past year, I saw… A brother make out with his sister.  A bar mob eat two strangers.  A gunman kill schoolchildren.  A clown rape a little girl.  I see plays with every imaginable injustice.  But it was the religious content of this play that has left me unsettled and angry.   LiveWire Chicago Theatre... Read more »