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"Camino Real" (Goodman Theatre): Mind F#ck!

"Camino Real" (Goodman Theatre):  Mind F#ck!
“What is it like being a writer?  It’s like being free.  To be free is to achieve your life.”  -Camino Real #60.  Goodman Theatre presents CAMINO REAL.  “Camino Real” is Spanish for the ‘royal road’ or the ‘King’s Highway.’  A plethora of characters – Lord Byron, Casanova, Hunchback’s Esmeralda, Marguerite Gautier – are trapped at... Read more »

"Love, Loss and What I Wore" (Broadway in Chicago): Glamour DO!

"Love, Loss and What I Wore" (Broadway in Chicago):  Glamour DO!
After wearing dark blue gabardine pants and a button-down blouse daily in high school, I found freedom of expression in college.  That 80’s wardrobe could be described with “Flashdance” meets “Breakin” with a side of Goodwill.  No, I didn’t go the preppy route.  One of my unforgettable outfits had to be a tux with red... Read more »

EXTENDED *AGAIN* Thru August 14th "The Detective's Wife": Makings of a Bestselling Mystery

               Writers’ Theatre presents       The Detective’s Wife       Written by Keith Huff  Directed by Gary Griffin   at Books on Vernon, 664 Vernon, Glencoe (map)  EXTENDED thru August 7th |  tickets: $60  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh A widow is silenced by her husband’s murder.  She isn’t so much an unwilling participant in a... Read more »

Review "Wicked": Spell Remains Unbroken Enchantment!

Broadway in Chicago presents WICKEDAt Cadillac Theatre, 151 W. RandolphBased on the novel by Gregory MaguireMusic and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz Book by Winnie HolzmanDirected by Joe MantelloThru January 23rdBuy TicketsRunning Time:  Two hours and forty-five minutes with a fifteen minute intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Girl kills witch with a house and so her... Read more »

Review "Yeast Nation": Needs Salt... flour, sugar, butter, etc.

Yeast Nation (The Triumph of Life) American Theatre Company Chicago, Illinois September 25, 2009 In the very beginning, there was yeast. In fact, a whole world of yeast. Yeast Nation (The Triumph of Life) tells the story of the beginning of creation. For the religious, this play is about the first second of the first... Read more »