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"We Three Lizas" (About Face Theatre): Triple Diva Fix

"We Three Lizas" (About Face Theatre):  Triple Diva Fix
About Face Theatre presents the world premiere of WE THREE LIZAS.  The House of Conrad is in a design slump.  Conrad Ticklebottom is desperate.  His assistant Reggie comes to the rescue with a book of spells.  Reggie conjures up the Great Queen of Wishes.  Conrad seeks the trifecta for his three wishes: youth, wealth and... Read more »

"Equivocation" (Victory Gardens): Brilliant Wordplay!

"Equivocation" (Victory Gardens):  Brilliant Wordplay!
#189.  equivocate |iˈkwivəˌkāt| : use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself Victory Gardens presents the Chicago premiere of EQUIVOCATION.  The King has written a story about the Gunpowder Plot.  He wants Master Shagspeare to adapt the failed assassination attempt to stage.  Struggling to tell the story, Shag begins to investigate... Read more »