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"The Dead Prince" (Strange Tree Group): Innovative Lyrical Lark

"The Dead Prince" (Strange Tree Group):  Innovative Lyrical Lark
Strange Tree Group presents THE DEAD PRINCE. Is it a fairytale, a folktale or a muzical? Yes. Playwright Emily Schwartz has concocted a play-full original.   Schwartz’s story is about a princess and her quest for true love.  The happily-ever after is challenging because her prince charming is dead.  Imagine “Princess Bride” meets “Twilight” on the way to... Read more »

"The Balcony" (Trap Door Theatre): Surreal Eroticism

"The Balcony" (Trap Door Theatre): Surreal Eroticism
Outside there is a political revolution.  Inside there is the sexual revolution.  What happens when the two collide?  Playwright Jean Genet tells the tale of a brothel known for its fantasy roleplaying.  Guests act out desires and fetishes to escape. As the war rages outside, the clientele get their freak on at Madame Irma’s. It’s bawdy make-believe... Read more »


Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 17th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers   Steppenwolf Theatre presents VENUS Reviewed by Katy Walsh A flashlight beams in the darkness.  The wind whistles outside.  Odd characters chant in repetition: ‘I regret to inform you the Venus Hottentrot is dead.  There won’t be a show... Read more »