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"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater): Mind-Broadening!

"Broken Fences" (16th Street Theater):  Mind-Broadening!
16th Street Theater presents Broken Fences. Three artistic directors, Ann Filmer (16th Street), Ilesa Duncan (Pegasus Players), and Daniel Bryant (Congo Square) unite for this multi-layered look at a neighborhood’s footprint in the past, present and future. Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions): Playfully Nostalgic!

"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions):  Playfully Nostalgic!
#147.  In 2010, Tony Fitzpatrick drove This Train (our review) with in-your-face blustery arrogance. In 2011, a contemplative Fitzpatrick pulled into Stations Lost (review) with a companion and inspirational self discovery. Now, Fitzpatrick shares the stage with Stan Klein in a collaborative tribute to their dads in Nickel History. 16th Street Theater and Firecat Projectspresents Nickel History: The Nation of Heat.  Tony Fitzpatrick is an artist, a poet and... Read more »

EXTENDED THRU July 31st "Stations Lost" (Firecat): A Multi-Media Journey to Enlightenment in Review

      “You can hang on the cross or you can pound in the nails!’ A recovering Catholic, Tony Fitzpatrick ponders over politics and people.  Firecat presents Stations Lost.  Fitzpatrick is an artist.  A poet.  A painter.  A storyteller.  A stand-up comedian.  His show embodies the term ‘performing art.’  On the right, a musician... Read more »