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EXTENDED Thru Aug 11th "The Liar" (Writers' Theatre): The Truth? Excellent!

EXTENDED Thru Aug 11th "The Liar" (Writers' Theatre):  The Truth?  Excellent!
Writers Theatre presents THE LIAR. There’s a reason that action oriented, superhero blockbusters come out in the summer. It’s the season to kick back. These fun ruses entertain for their energetic antics.  They aren’t a thought-provoking mind bend.  They are spirited romps to match our lust for a win and a romance for the good... Read more »

"Wasteland" (TimeLine Theatre): Inconceivable Suffering with Gritty Realism

"Wasteland" (TimeLine Theatre):  Inconceivable Suffering with Gritty Realism
TimeLine Theatre presents the world premiere of WASTELAND.  It’s the Vietnam War. Joe is an American soldier.  He is being held captive in an underground prison.  He never sees anyone.  His food is even dropped from the unseen opening into his pit of despair.  He is in solitary confinement. And he is in hell.  One... Read more »

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!
#33. When I think about the catastrophic events of World War II, I conjure up snapshots from ‘Night and Fog,’ a French documentary showcasing concentration camps.  I still have nightmares of the living corpses, rooms of hair, and bulldozed bodies.  The attempted genocide of the Jewish people is always my first association with Hitler’s evil... Read more »

Review "In Darfur": Massacre Exploited as Visual Spectacle

TimeLine Theatre presents IN DARFUR At 615 W. Wellington Written by Winter Miller Directed by Nick Bowling Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm Fridays at 8pm Saturdays at 4pm and 8pm Sundays at 2pm Buy Tickets Running Time:  95 minutes with no intermission   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   “Call it civil war, call it ethnic... Read more »