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"Eastland" (Lookingglass Theatre): A Voyage Not To Miss!

"Eastland" (Lookingglass Theatre):  A Voyage Not To Miss!
#135.  On July 24, 1915, my great grandma was joining friends on a Western Electric summer boat outing.  She was running late and arrived after the S.S. Eastland tipped over.  It was docked on the Chicago River. 2,500 passengers were on board.  800+ people lost their lives, including 22 families. Lookingglass Theatre presents the world... Read more »

"An Iliad" (Court Theatre): Kane Wins the War!

"An Iliad" (Court Theatre):  Kane Wins the War!
My mom once told me that-time-of-the-month rendered a woman helpless to her emotions but that every day of the month, men were at the mercy of their competitive rage.  She believes that’s why we have wars.  I’d suggest that we broaden that idea to explain boxing, video games and Viagra. Court Theatre presents a regional... Read more »

"Seasons Greetings" (Northlight Theatre): Guns, Puppets, Booze... Just Another Family X-Mas!

Christmas is about family!  People, with maybe no more in common than shared DNA, gathering together in celebration.  Dates, divorces, deaths and births constantly redefine the guest list, but forced relational interface is a certainty.  When my aunt got divorced in the seventies, my mom knew Mary Catherine’s first holiday would be hard. To distract... Read more »

Review "Animals Out of Paper": Unique Comedy Folds into Recycled Drama

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 17th  Narrated by Joshua Volkers     Steppenwolf Theatre presents ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER Reviewed by Katy Walsh A teacher stumbles on a naturally gifted student.  When he tries to recruit an expert to mentor the whiz kid, he discovers his idol living in... Read more »