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"The Fisherman" (Stage Left Theatre): Casts Line Into Shark Pool

#42. I always knew when my dad had been fishing.  He smelled like pipe tobacco and bass.  There were leftover old-fashion doughnuts on the kitchen counter and fish for dinner.  And life was good. Stage Left Theatre presents the world premiere of The Fisherman.  The Twins are losing.  The carp are biting.  The beer is cooling.  For... Read more »

"A Touch of Poet" (The Artistic Home): Powerful Pretend!

Life is a lot of work! Shelter, food, survival are the results of hard labor.  The upper class believes they are above the daily drudgery.  They embrace a lifestyle of privilege.  Their every comfort is someone else’s responsibility.   And if they can afford it, more power to them.  Entitlement comes at a cost. The Artistic... Read more »