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"Mythical Proportions" (Theater Wit): The Real and Surreal of Nora Dunn

"Mythical Proportions" (Theater Wit):  The Real and Surreal of Nora Dunn
Theater Wit and Steve Ullman present Nora Dunn in MYTHICAL PROPORTIONS. There is something about Nora Dunn that makes you forget she’s a famous actor and comedienne. Maybe it’s her Chicago roots, her Irish Catholic upbringing or her way of dismissing a Meryl Streep encounter as everyday happenstance, Dunn is extraordinary at being ordinary.  Her... Read more »

"Thom Pain (based on nothing)" (Theater Wit): Transfixes with Pain

"Thom Pain (based on nothing)" (Theater Wit): Transfixes with Pain
Theater Wit remounts THOM PAIN (based on nothing). Lance Baker (Thom Pain) reprises the role that won him a 2007 Jeff Award for Best Solo Performance.  Fast forward six years and it seems like Baker has been frozen in time and recently thawed out.  He is this enlightened, yet ordinary, pessimist.  Baker starts the show speaking... Read more »

"Trainspotting USA" (Theatre Wit): Disconcertingly Real and Unforgettable

"Trainspotting USA" (Theatre Wit): Disconcertingly Real and Unforgettable
Irvine Welsh wrote a prolific novel about heroin addiction called “Trainspotting.”  It became a successful stageplay and a cult movie starring Ewan McGregor.  And now, the story has come to Chicago by way of Missouri. Jeffrey Brunstein, Laura St. James, Tom Mullen and Tom Chiola, in association with Keaton Wooden and Books & Lyrics Theatricals... Read more »

EXTENDED Thru June 16th"Tigers Be Still" (Theater Wit): Ideal Cast for Frolicking Show

EXTENDED Thru June 16th"Tigers Be Still" (Theater Wit):  Ideal Cast for Frolicking Show
#97. Depression hits everyone differently.  Some just wallow in it.  They take to their bed.  They take to their pills.  They take to their baked goods section at the local Jewel.  Me?  I like to share it.  I vent it out to my friends until all the bad energy is gone.  It might be over... Read more »

"The North Plan" (Theatre Wit): Unlikely Hero Rallies the Audience!

#48.  My family represents a microcosm of America.  We have diversity in ethnic background, economic class, religious values and political views.  Just like the United States, we are influenced by internal and external forces.  We want to follow the *good guys* but that’s not always apparent.  I remember a few Presidents back when I was... Read more »

Review "THIS": A Witty Intermission During the Stages of Life!

Theater Wit presents THISAt 1229 W. BelmontWritten by Melissa James GibsonDirected by Jeremy WechslerThursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pmSundays at 2pmThru March 27th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hour and forty-five minutes with no intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh I loved THIS! ‘What kind of unhappy are you?  Personal, marriage, career, existentialist, or inter-disciplinary?’ Theater Wit presents... Read more »

Review "The Four of Us": Bro-mance Satisfies with Fourplay!

Theater Wit presentsTHE FOUR OF US At 1229 W. BelmontWritten by Itamar MosesDirected by Jeremy WechslerFridays and Saturdays at 8pmSundays at 2:30pmEXTENDS THRU DECEMBER 18th Buy TicketsRunning Time:  Ninety minutes without an intermission Reviewed by Katy Walsh Two people meet, connect and plan for a future together.  Distance and time shift the relationship.  They drift... Read more »

7, 26, 3, K, 4: The combination to Rip Shaw before Seagull!

I’m mostly playing the numbers and letter this stretch of 8 in 7! 10.20.10  Seven Brides & Seven Brothers at Drury Lane Oakbrook 10.21.10  26 Miles by Teatro Vista and Rivendell Theatre at Chicago Dramatists 10.22.10  Rip Nelson by Hell in a Handbag Productions at Mary’s Attic 10.23.10  Candide by ChicagoShaw at Ruth Page Theatre 10.23.10  3 Sisters... Read more »