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"The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" (Provision Theater): A Holiday Tradition Returns

"The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" (Provision Theater):  A Holiday Tradition Returns
This Holiday Season, Provision Theater Company, 1001 W. Roosevelt Road, is bringing back their original musical based on the award winning children’s book, THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF JONATHAN TOOMEY, directed by Provision Theater Artistic Director Timothy Gregory and starring Provision Theater Company Member Susan Moniz and Chicago’s James Rank. The production runs November 21 –... Read more »

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater): Adorable!

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater):  Adorable!
#32.  I am still haunted by a Flannery O’Connor story that I read thirty years ago.  “The Displaced Person” is about a foreigner transplanted to Georgia as a farmhand.  He is treated as an outcast.  He keeps to himself.  People hate him because they don’t know who is.  And the ending… yikes! Provision Theater presents The Foreigner.  Charlie is... Read more »

"The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" (Provision Theatre): A Christmas Focused on Jesus and the Children...MIRACLE!

Christmas is the new offensive C-word.  To be politically correct, people say ‘happy holidays.’  They send holiday cards.  They host holiday parties.  Only in private circles in hushed tones, might I inquire casually, ‘do you celebrate Christmas?’  If the person nods affirmatively, I muster up a hurried whispered ‘Merry Christmas.’  Even on stage, The Nutcracker,... Read more »

Review "Wonders Never Cease": Little Slice of Heaven!

NOTE: Review did not go live before the unexpected close on May 13th. Provision Theatre presents Wonders Never Cease Adapted and directed by Tim Gregory  Reviewed by Katy Walsh on May 7th Angels!  Are heavenly encounters created by Divine intervention or human invention?      Provision Theatre presents the world premiere of Wonders Never Cease.  A writer pens... Read more »

Review "Godspell": Musical of Biblical Proportions

Provision Theatre presents       GODSPELL At 1001 W. Roosevelt Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz Book by John-Michael Tebelak Music directed by Alaric Rokko Jans Directed by Tim Gregory Buy Tickets Thru September 26th Running Time:  Two hours and five minutes includes a fifteen minute intermission   Reviewed by Katy Walsh   It’s... Read more »

Hounding God to Frost Nixon!

Theatre critics, hippies, and politicians:  something for everyone in new Chicago theatre productions this August 19th weekend: THURSDAY:  The Real Inspector Hound at Signal Ensemble SATURDAY:  Godspell at Provision Theatre SUNDAY:  Frost/Nixon at Timeline Theatre