"Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates" (Babes With Blades): Brawling Good Time

"Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates" (Babes With Blades):  Brawling Good Time

Babes With Blades Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of BO THOMAS AND THE CASE OF THE SKY PIRATES.

As is their signature style, the Babes are kicking ass in their newest show.  In the tight 90 minute detective spoof, Megan Schemmel (Bo), Kelly Yacono (Sally) and Maureen Yasko (Minerva) assault each other...a lot!  This is the most brawling I’ve seen in a Babes show and it’s thrilling.  JK Choreography have the gals attack with some brutal moves.  In particular, the scrappy Schemmel and villainous Yasko have regular smack-downs. The violence is intense in this light-hearted caper.

Playwright Eric Simon penned a 1920’s detective lampoon. Even though the actual case, involving blimps and orphans, gets a little goofy, the overall premise is engaging.  Schemmel is a secretary who is the real brains behind the Sam Lowell Detective Agency.  The tough-talking Schemmel hilariously contrasts the adorably doofus Mark Lancaster (Sam). Director Leigh Barrett paces the action with melodrama flair adding to the humor.  Barrett has her talented crew play to extremes to balance the mystery and satire.  A posh Jennifer L. Mickelson (Lydia) is alluring as the recluse heiress.  Yacono is delightful as this daft innocent.  An accented Yasko is a perfect mix of Natasha Fatale and a dominatrix.  Lancaster is a buffoon and his interrogation scene is hysterical.  And Schemmel steers the story with limitless moxie and energy.

Adding to the character identification, Costume Designer Kimberly Morris dresses the ensemble in individualized vintage wear.  Mickelson is bejeweled with fur and feathers.  Yasko is shrouded in black leather.  And Schemmel is in a tailored skirt and jacket which is extra impressive for all the fighting she does.

BO THOMAS AND THE CASE OF THE SKY PIRATES is a playful frolic.   It’s fun and it showcases the Babes doing what Babes do best... girls beating the crap out of each other...repeatedly!

Running Time:  Ninety minutes includes an intermission

At Raven Theatre, 6157 N. Clark Street

Written by Eric Simon

Directed by Leigh Barrett

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 3:30pm

Thru September 21st

Buy Tickets at www.babeswithblades.org

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