"Widowers' Houses" (ShawChicago): It's a Shaw First!

"Widowers' Houses" (ShawChicago):  It's a Shaw First!

ShawChicago presents Widowers’ Houses.  Harry and Blanche are in love.  They met on vacation.  He comes from old money with a modest allowance.  She is nouveau rich with a materialistic appetite.  When their families agree to the match, what could stop their wedded bliss?  Money!  Financial woes become a barrier to young love.  Harry finds out Blanche’s dad is a slumlord.  He refuses any cash support from his almost father-in-law.  He doesn’t tell Blanche the reason but just asks her to live on his income.  She refuses.  They break up.  Meanwhile, Harry finds out his allowance is the interest on the slum-papa’s properties.  And his father-in-law has more plans to get richer off the poor.  Does Harry get rich and the girl?  Or does he lose it all and keep his honor?  Widowers’ Houses is a farce rich with absurdity.

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