"Side Effects May Include..." (MadKap Productions): A Pleasant Buzz!

"Side Effects May Include..." (MadKap Productions):  A Pleasant Buzz!

MadKap Productions presents SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE.... .  Phil is a stand-up comic.  His job is to be funny.  People pay him to make them laugh.  When his wife is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his life gets real serious, real fast.  Where’s the joke in a debilitating disease? What’s so amusing about taking drugs?  SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE... smiling, laughing and learning.

Playwright Marc Jaffe joined forces with Eric Coble to tell this semi-autobiographical story.  Jaffe is a comedian.  Mrs. Jaffe has Parkinson.  This show above all is a sweet ode to the Jaffe marriage... for better or worse, in sickness and health.  Jaffe puts it out there.  He is dealing with his personal anguish and trying to find the humor.  Under the direction of Wayne Mell, Andrew J. Pond takes on this intimate one-man show.  Pond energetically attacks the subject matter with a balance of vulnerability and honesty.  An effective storyteller, Pond brings us into the bedroom for some heart-felt pillow talk.  Endearing!

Jaffe is being promoted for his former “Seinfeld” writing stint.  It’s interesting that the character of  Jaffe and Phil are also stand-up comics.  The speed bumps in the show are the sidebar moments of Pond doing bits on a microphone.  Unlike Jerry Seinfeld’s schtick of musing about the hilarity of real life moments, Pond’s routine is knock-knock stale.  Pond even chats about an old Jewish mentor.  It may be true to Jaffe’s comedian life but these jokes fall flat on stage.  Act 1 is a lot of schtick about being sick.  Act 2 gets a Viagra boost and Pond charms as a husband trying to satisfy his wife’s insatiable appetite.

SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE... a pleasant buzz!  It wasn’t the LOL “Seinfeld” episode I anticipated but it was enjoyable!  This couple persevered through tragedy...together!  Who doesn’t want to see more of that?  Spouses, especially sexually deprived ones, will want a prescription for this marriage medication.

Running Time:  Ninety minutes includes an intermission

At Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. Lincoln

Written by Marc Jaffe and Eric Coble

Directed by Wayne Mell

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 3pm

Thru February 10th

Buy Tickets at www.greenhousetheatre.org

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