"The Room: The Musical" (The PH Comedy Theatre): Hilarious!

"The Room:  The Musical" (The PH Comedy Theatre): Hilarious!

The PH Comedy Theatre presents THE ROOM:  THE MUSICAL.  Johnny has it all... the job, the girl, the hair.  Or does he?  Work is screwing him. His fiance is screwing his best friend.  And his hair is just screwed.  Meanwhile, his soon to be mother-in-law has breast cancer.  The creepy dude next door has a drug problem.  And this random couple   keep showing up to have sex in his house.  If Lifetime TV and Comedy Central had a love child, it would be THE ROOM:  THE MUSICAL.

Playwright and director Jason Geis created a parody on the movie he loves to hate,   “The Room” written and starring Tommy Wiseau.  Even though I’ve never seen the movie, I got the over-the-top jokes.  This lampoon is hilarious. Geis takes the original drama and keeps twisting it until it’s pure comedy.  One of the stand-outs is Tristan Tanner (Claudette).  The riotous Tanner uses slapstick movement and affected diction to zing every line.  Tanner and Jess Herron’s (Lisa) scenes are ridiculously funny.    An impressive Herron plays mopey, bored while Tanner pulls out all the vaudevillian stops.  And when they break into song, they are a powerhouse diva duo.  “Am I right?”

The entire ensemble is a fun-loving, energetic group.  Everybody gets their moment to deliver the punch line.  Whether it’s the chorus mugging to the crowd with pictures of San Francisco or an effervescent Mary Walsh -no relation- visibly bursting with excitement, this show dazzles.   With a large cast and a small stage, choreographer Michelle Marquardt orchestrates some amusing and amazing movement.  “I want my money” is particularly wack-tastic!  The music by Brad Kemp fills the room with a playful vibe and this cast comes out to have fun.

Although the singing is primarily harmonious, there were a few notable flat notes in my show.  In addition, the last few scenes dragged with repeated schtick.  It could use some tightening. Overall, having not seen the movie, the phrase I would use to describe this show is “unexpected.”  Geis creates surprising and memorable comedic moments with his talented troupe.  Whether you see/have seen the movie or not, see THE ROOM:  THE MUSICAL for the fun of it!

Running Time:  Two hours and twenty minutes includes an intermission

At PH Productions, 1515 W. Berwyn

Based on the movie “The Room” written and starring Tommy Wiseau

Book and lyrics by Jason Geis

Music by Brad Kemp

Directed by Jason Geis

Saturdays at 9:30pm

Buy Tickets at

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