"Hansel und Gretel" (Lyric Opera): Frightfully Scrumptious Treat

"Hansel und Gretel" (Lyric Opera):  Frightfully Scrumptious Treat

Lyric Opera presents Hansel und Gretel.  Two kids are hungry.  Their family is poor.  Hansel and Gretel are starving.  When their meager dinner is spilled, their mother sends them into the woods to pick strawberries.  A strawberry binge makes the kids weary.  They fall asleep and spend the night in the woods.  In the morning, they stumble on a cake infested house.  They overindulge in the sweet treats only to find out their hostess is a bit of a witch.  She wants to have them for tea… but as the main course!  Hansel und Gretel is a frightfully scrumptious treat for the whole family.

Elizabeth DeShong (Hansel) stars in in Lyric Opera's "Hansel und Gretel", directed by Eric Einhorn, conducted by Ward Stare. (photo credit: Dan Rest)

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