Off Book Chats Up Strangetree, Bailiwick Chicago, Strawdog, Broadway in Chicago, Trainspotting USA, & More!

Off Book Chats Up Strangetree, Bailiwick Chicago, Strawdog, Broadway in Chicago, Trainspotting USA, & More!

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book has a special STRANGETREE episode.  This past summer, Oliver Sava was the lucky winner of an Off Book show dedicated to the theatre company of his choice.  He chose Strangetree Group.  Oliver joins us in reviewing exciting offerings from local theatre companies: “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” by Bailiwick Chicago“Pontypool” by Strawdog Theatre“Kinky Boots” by Broadway in Chicago and “Trainspotting USA” at Theater Wit.  And then we invite Strangetree Group into the studio to talk about “Funeral Wedding: The Alvin Play.”  Plus, we have an excerpt from the show as our "Got A Minute"segment.

This October 26, 2012 episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten by  MARTY'S MARTINI BAR .

Shot word of the day: strangetree

Review Round-up:

“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” by Bailiwick Chicago

“Pontypool” by Strawdog Theatre

“Kinky Boots” by Broadway in Chicago

“Trainspotting USA” at Theater Wit

Special Guest Host:

Oliver Sava, TimeOut Chicago

Special Guests:

Strangetree Group from "Funeral Wedding:  The Alvin Play"

Emily Schwartz, Playwright

Jess McLeod, Director

Michael Huey, original music and sound designer

Delia Baseman, actor and costume designer

Daniel Behrendt, actor

Zachary Sigelko, actor and mandolin player

Got A Minute?

Excerpt from "Funeral Wedding:  The Alvin Play" written by Emily Schwartz

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