"Night Over Erzinga" (Silk Road Rising): Compelling Storytelling Flounders

"Night Over Erzinga" (Silk Road Rising):  Compelling Storytelling Flounders

Silk Road Rising presents Night Over Erzinga.  Alice and Jimmy are a young married couple. They are raising a daughter in post-depression USA.  What make them different from any other couple?  They survived the genocide of their Armenian homeland.   Alice is haunted by the real nightmares of her past.  Jimmy lives with the unknown fate of his loved ones. A tortured Alice tries to assimilate into her adopted country through her music.  Although Jimmy chases the American dream of monetary success, he wants to keep his wife rooted in the ways of the old country.  He won’t let Alice sing in public.  As time passes, not dealing with their shared realities impacts their daughter, Ava.  As an adult, Ava is trapped in ignorance and betrayal.  Her fear will separate her from the family.  At its best, Night Over Erzinga compels with moments of gut-punching, eye-opening, heart-ripping storytelling. At its worse, Night Over Erzinga flounders into a Desilu Productions’ backstory.

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