"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf): So, Damn Clever!

"Spirits to Enforce" (Abraham Werewolf):  So, Damn Clever!


Q:  What could superheroes, Shakespeare, and telethons possibly have in common?
A:  The Tempest

Abraham Werewolf presents Spirits to Enforce.  In Fathom, a group of actors are trying to raise funds for their production of “The Tempest.” The ensemble dials for dollars during a telethon.  No one is interested.  The group decides to drop their secret identities and pimp themselves out as their superhero selves.  Now, folks are interested but not in the play.  Callers want the Fathom Town Enforcers to get off the line and save the city.  Will the superheroes quit their day job for the theatre? And why are they so transfixed on this play?  Spirits to Enforce is a telethon for a play that is the reality of the play over time.  Right?!  So, damn clever!

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