"My First Time" (Broken Nose Theatre): Chicken Soup for the Soul -Virgin Edition

"My First Time" (Broken Nose Theatre):  Chicken Soup for the Soul -Virgin Edition

#133.  First steps. First tooth. First job. First car. People like to celebrate the *first* as a milestone of things to come.  We mark the moment so we can look back fondly and enjoy it even better in hindsight.

Broken Nose Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of MY FIRST TIME.  In1998, www.myfirsttime.com was created to let people share their first sexual intercourse experience.  The  anonymous outlet became a phenomenon collecting 40,000 stories.  The platform spawned an off-Broadway hit in 2007.  Now, Chicago gets its first MY FIRST TIME sexual encounter.  MY FIRST TIME is confessions of virgins around the globe and in the theatre.

Upon arrival, the audience fills out an anonymous survey about his/her first time.  The answers are tabulated and formulated into the show.  During this preshow activity, factoids and quotes are projected on a screen.  The correlation of June being the highest polled month for losing virginity and also the historical month for proms is introduced.  An anonymous musing of “virginity is a bubble...in then one prick its gone” is shared.  These funny, thoughtful and sometimes weird ponderings is the just the right foreplay to get us in the mood for group sex talk.

Each show kicks off with a different local storyteller sharing his/her close encounter. My performance had actor, storyteller and nude model Jen Shin.  Her lust story was about getting naked first and going backwards to dating.   The personal story is a titillating start to the main attraction.  The initial first person intimacy takes the audience by the hand and leads us into a swinging, faceless orgy.  Under the tight direction of Benjamin Brownson, the foursome, Jennifer Grubb, Adam Soule, Leslie Ruettiger and Michael Allen Harris, give us the sex talk.  They don’t really talk dirty to us.  It’s not locker room bawdy banter.  It’s more “Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Virgin Edition” The animated cast take turns describing sex-capades.  The audience’s survey responses are intertwined into the seamless delivery.  The clever inclusion makes sex with strangers more enjoyable. I’m  constantly looking around to guess the person that matches the answer. Hilarious!

MY FIRST TIME is late night fun!  Either as a group outing or even a date night, MY FIRST TIME stimulates fornication conversation.  It will seduce you into *(over) sharing all* with your theatre companion(s)... so choose your play date wisely.

Running Time:  Seventy-five minutes with no intermission

At Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. Lincoln

Written by Ken Davenport

Directed by Benjamin Brownson

Fridays and Saturdays at 11pm

Thru July 28th

Buy Tickets at www.greenhousetheater.org

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