"Goodbye Cruel World" (Strange Tree Group): Pure Vaudevillian!

"Goodbye Cruel World" (Strange Tree Group):  Pure Vaudevillian!

#132.  My first introduction to literature with a Russian influence was ”Rocky and Bullwinkle”.  As a kid, I believed Boris and Natasha were typical Russian folks, spies without a sense of humor.  I thought Russians were a serious, cold lot that hated squirrels. Since then, I’ve decided the Soviet Union’s abilities to endure tumultuous eras makes their dispositions much more light-hearted than their American counterparts.

Scott Cupper as Semyon in Strange Tree Group's "Goodbye Cruel World", directed by Bob Kruse. (photo credit: Tyler Core)The Strange Tree Group presents the Midwest premiere Goodbye Cruel World. Semyon is unemployed, depressed and living in Russian government housing.  His wife, mother-in-law and the neighbors are worried about him.  What if he tries to kill himself or, worse, learns to play the tuba?  But then again would that be so bad? Goodbye Cruel World is pure vaudeville to the tune of “Suicide is Painless.”

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Cousin Jennie describes it with 'quirky, funny, engaging.'



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