"Jamaica, Farewell" (Meadowbrook Entertainment): Jamaica to Miami -the hard way!

#106.  I’ve only been to Jamaica once.  It was for a wedding.  The beaches were beautiful.  The people were friendly.  The locale was postcard perfect. Jamaica IS an enchanting place to visit.  But getting out of there?!  It was a nightmare, man!  Our Apple vacation was overbooked.  The airport shut down by 9.  We were *put up* in a seedy motel.  When all you want to do is set foot on USA soil, the allure of the tropical paradise becomes a distant memory.

Debra Ehrhardt in Jamaica Farewell, Chopin Theatre, Meadowbrook Entertainment, Joel ZwickMeadowbrook Entertainment presentsJamaica, Farewell. Debbie Phillips is a yankee doodle dandy.  Or at least, she grew up wanting to be one.  As a kid, Debbie dreamed of leaving the devastating poverty and tumultuous politics of her Jamaican home.  She wanted the fame and fortune of the American dream.  She wanted to be a U.S. citizen.  So, what’s stopping her?  Both governments, a rental car, a whore house and a man with red eyes and dreadlocks.  Debbie must overcome multiple obstacles to get to Miami. Jamaica, Farewell is the amusing coming-of-age story of a young girl’s coming-to-America journey.

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