"Bombs, Babes and Bingo" (Mortar Theatre): Clever Premise

In moments of great sadness, I often swallow a great one liner or life musing.  It’s a curse and a gift that in times of grief, I see humor.  Funeral, break-up, argument, it doesn’t matter the situation – something funny usually occurs to me.  Sometimes I give into sharing the joke.  The comedic release can be appreciated, but is more often Richard Perez and Megan Tabaque in Mortar Theatre's "Bombs, Babes and Bingo" by Merri Biechler, directed by Rachel Edwards Harvith. (photo credit: Tom McGrath)tolerated and occasionally spurned.

Mortar Theatre presents the world premiere of Bombs, Babes and Bingo.  Dennis makes bombs.  At least, he use to make bombs. Right now, he’s in the hospital trying to piece back together his life.  What happened?  He doesn’t remember.  There was an explosion and now his memories are jumbled recollections.  As a scientist, he’s trying hard to add up the facts to solve the problem.  He believes that if he can just get the numbers to add up right, the equation will make sense. His theory seems logical but life rarely is. Bombs, Babes and Bingo detonates a chaotic chain reaction.  The resulting shrapnel needs to be pulled out of some old family wounds.

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