"Mrs. Warren's Profession" (ShawChicago): Looking for a different career path?

Jacqueline Jones (Mrs. Warren) and Jhenai Moots (Vivie Warren) in ShawChicago's "Mrs. Warren's Profession" by George Bernard Shaw. (photo credit: Lila M. Stromer)

    The play is morally rotten…the story…the incidents…
the characters are wholly immoral and degenerate…
the play is an insult to decency.        
-New York Herald, October 1905

ShawChicago presents Mrs. Warren’s Profession.  Kitty Warren is a businesswoman, a single mother – and a whore.  Vivie Warren is a college graduate, a detached daughter, and a feminist.  As Vivie embarks on her career path, mom decides to visit and provide counsel.  Kitty’s arrival in town attracts an entourage of friends and/or clients and/or Vivie’s father.  One of the men could be all the above and also the dad to Vivie’s current suitor.  Looking at the financial side to sex complicates everyone’s relationship.  Mrs. Warren’s Profession is your grandmother’s “Pretty Woman.”

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