"As You Like It (A New Adaptation)" (Strangeloop Theatre): Shakespeare...(sorta)

As You Like It, An Adaptation - Strangeloop Theatre Chicago 3

#74.  “All the world is a stage!” is a famous quote from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.  That philosophy encourages theatres to be dynamic and ever-changing.  Even established plays receive a new look and life as a theatre company interprets the work.

Peter Robards, as Touchstone, in Strangeloop Theatre's "As You Like It - A New Adaptation", adapted by Letitia Guilland. (photo credit: Genevieve Sauvage)Strangeloop Theatre presents As You Like It (A New Adaptation). Family issues at court has driven people into the Forest of Arden.  Some have been banished.  Some have escaped.  The royals and the shepherds now coexist in the wooded love haven.  Poetry is in the air and on the trees.  Everybody wants Rosalind, including Phoebe.  It’s Shakespeare’s frolicsome farce of mistaken identities, gender bender disguises and playful romance.  Strangeloop Theatre takes the light-hearted comedy and adds improv.  As You Like It (A New Adaptation) is Second City does Shakespeare. Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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