"The North Plan" (Theatre Wit): Unlikely Hero Rallies the Audience!

Kate Buddeke plays Tanya Shepke, The North Plan, Theater Wit #48.  My family represents a microcosm of America.  We have diversity in ethnic background, economic class, religious values and political views.  Just like the United States, we are influenced by internal and external forces.  We want to follow the *good guys* but that’s not always apparent.  I remember a few Presidents back when I was ranting on about the administration’s ineptitude, my sister Christy was disgusted.  She tried to stop my tirade with the proclamation, ‘He’s our President.‘  And I retorted with a ‘Yes, and he answers to me.’     

Theater Wit presents Chicago premiere of The North Plan.  In a little town in Missouri, two people are being detained in the city lock-up.  Tanya has turned herself in for drunk driving.  Carlton has been arrested for suspicious activity.  As Tanya blusters on about the injustice of her situation, Carlton tries to recruit her to help him.  Carlton works for the State Department.  He has information that could destroy an evil faction gaining power in the U.S. government.  Carlton needs Tanya to steal the evidence from the police. Is he for real?  And what can a big-mouthed, drunk do to save the day?  The North Plan proposes the anti-American hero. 

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