"Rinaldo" (Lyric Opera): Understated Finale to Dazzling Season!

18. Elza van den Heever, dancers, RINALDO, RST_2961 c. Dan Rest

#46.  Lyric Opera of Chicago presents George Frideric Handel’s Rinaldo, three acts performed in Italian.  It’s the Christians versus Saracens.  The prize is Jerusalem.  Goffredo leads the Christians. King Argante rules Jerusalem.  Goffredo promises Rinaldo that he can marry his daughter Almirena if they are successful in taking Jerusalem.  Meanwhile, Argante seeks help from his sorceress lover, Queen Armida of Damascus.  Armida gets the word from Hades that Rinaldo is the key to victory.  To distract Rinaldo in his quest, Armida kidnaps his fiancé and tries to seduce him. To complicate matters more, Argante falls for the captured Almirena.  Love and lust are spoiling the war in progress.  Rinaldo has a few walls to overcome for victory.  Check out the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

A woman who loves a grand Lyric spectacle, Jen describes it with 'fabulously flashy furies.'


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