"Best Musical! A Completely Improvised Musical Comedy (Porchlight Theatre): Like "Smash" but Smushed and Live!

Cody Dove, Erica Elam, Lauren Dowden, Brandon Dahlquist, Tim Sniffin, and Matthew Van Colton

#55.  I love the flash mob craze.  I want life to burst out into spontaneous dancing.  Or singing!  I think work meetings, bus rides, and grocery shopping could use a little perky tune to jazz up the mundane.  Life just sounds better with music.

Porchlight Music Theatre presents Best Musical! A Completely Improvised Musical Comedy.  Second City veteran Matthew Loren Cohen has devised a build-your-own-adventure musical.  Upon arrival, the audience is invited to submit a suggestion for a song title.  The big bucket of potential one hit wonders is put on stage.  The shows starts as an award ceremony.  The master of ceremonies introduces an ensemble member as an award winner.   That actor pulls a song title from the pile. S/he must then perform a short sketch working in the requested song.  All five actors get their shot in the spotlight with or without cast support.  At the end of all five shticks, the audience chooses their favorite.  During the intermission, the cast takes the winning entry and makes a whole musical out of it. They perform it in the second half. Best Musical! A Completely Improvised Musical Comedy is like “Smash” smushed and live!  Check out the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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