THE GOG/MAGOG PROJECT (Steep Theatre): Salinas IS The Man!

#23.  Reality shows?!  I don’t get the appeal.  Why would someone want their life to be on display?  Especially knowing viewers are rooting for their demise?  They are *constantly on*. Every little gesture or uttering has the potential to be observed, scrutinized, and misperceived.  Why do it?  Is it for the money, the fame or the artistic expression?

.....Michael Salinas as Alexander Gog in Steep Theatre's "The Gog/Magog Project" by Jason Linder. Steep Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of The Gog/Magog Project. Performance Artist Alexander Gog has locked himself in a theatre.  He will perform nightly at 8pm and 2pm on Sundays for 365 days.  His daily show will reflect the art he created that day.  Simple enough?! His artistic experiment derails as his confinement continues indefinitely.  He is imprisoned in the art he created. Gog is caged with command performances and a steady diet of Banana Moon Pies.  The Gog/Magog Project is one man’s bizarre response to ‘the show must go on.’

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