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"Kill Me" (Wildclaw Theatre): More Heart-tugging Horrific than Hair-raising Horror!

#37. I caught my seventy year old dad trying to cut down a tree limb.  He was standing on the top of a ladder with a chainsaw over his head.  I recently got broadsided by a van.  I was riding my bike.  What’s worse, being the bystander or the victim?  The obvious answer is victim. ... Read more »

"Superior Donuts" (Mary Arrchie): Baked Goodness with a little Bite

"Superior Donuts" (Mary Arrchie):  Baked Goodness with a little Bite
#36.  I like to hang with young people.  They can drive me crazy with their unearned arrogance.  But they also can inspire me with their idealism. As I get older, my optimism continually gets attacked by my growing cynicism. The challenge is not to go with the familiar and comfortable but to embrace the new... Read more »

Off Book Chats with Hypocrites, Signals and Much More!

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings at Profiles, Writers and Victory Gardens.  In addition, we chat with The Hypocrites’ new Artistic Director Halena Kays and Signal Ensemble’s co-Founder and co-Artistic Director Ronan Marra.  And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights.  Plus, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2011 Honor Awards PARTY, February 28th, 8pm-10pm at The Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway.  Come... Read more »

"A Midsummer's Night Dream"(Chicago Shakes): Pucking Hilarious!

#35. And, most dear actors, eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath; and I do not doubt but to hear them say, it is a sweet comedy. No more words: away! go, away!    – Nick Bottom Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Three worlds collide over love.  In the actor world, Peter Quince gathers the local... Read more »

"Showboat" (Lyric Opera): Paddleboat among the Yachts

"Showboat" (Lyric Opera):  Paddleboat among the Yachts
#34.  I love a chai tea latte!  Most places make it way too sweet.  Sometimes, it comes overwhelmingly spicy. The milk to tea ratio can also throw me into a quandary.  I know what I like and I know where to get it.  When I order a chai tea latte at Julius Meinl, I am... Read more »

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!

"Hunger" (Lifeline Theatre): Gnaws at Me!
#33. When I think about the catastrophic events of World War II, I conjure up snapshots from ‘Night and Fog,’ a French documentary showcasing concentration camps.  I still have nightmares of the living corpses, rooms of hair, and bulldozed bodies.  The attempted genocide of the Jewish people is always my first association with Hitler’s evil... Read more »

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater): Adorable!

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater):  Adorable!
#32.  I am still haunted by a Flannery O’Connor story that I read thirty years ago.  “The Displaced Person” is about a foreigner transplanted to Georgia as a farmhand.  He is treated as an outcast.  He keeps to himself.  People hate him because they don’t know who is.  And the ending… yikes! Provision Theater presents The Foreigner.  Charlie is... Read more »

"The Gingerbread House" (Red Tape Theatre): Disturbing Aftertaste!

#30. “What are you doing Friday night?”  I use to respond excitedly with ‘Nothing!  Why?’  Now, I force myself to evaluate the source of the inquiry.  Friends with kids?!  I’ve learned that what use to mean a fun outing sometimes translates to a babysitter request.  I’ve trained myself to just ask ‘why?‘    “Kids won’t change... Read more »

"Six Characters In Search Of An Author" (The Hypocrites): CLEVER!

"Six Characters In Search Of An Author" (The Hypocrites):  CLEVER!
#31.  As a writer, I have many unfinished stories.  I get an intriguing idea for a book or play.  I start to create.  My characters get names, personalities, and objectives.  As they become real to me, I hear their voices in my head and I work to record it.  I strive to put it in... Read more »

"ENRON" (TimeLine Theatre): Fuel-Injected Showcase of Corporate Greed

"ENRON" (TimeLine Theatre):  Fuel-Injected Showcase of Corporate Greed
#29.  At work, I write a check request and the vendor gets paid.  I don’t worry about it.  I anticipated the expense.  I’ve seen the monthly statement.  The agency is on budget.  And now this money will be disbursed.  At the end of the fiscal year, our auditors will come in and review the paperwork... Read more »