"The Houdini Box" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Marvelously Magical!

#19.  I’m a big fan of magic!  It’s an inarguable explanation for anything.  What makes my computer work?  Magic! How did she know to call?  Magic! Where did that cookie go?  Magic!  I could have gotten a liberal arts degree at Hogwarts.  I’m completely satisfied

Alex Weisman as Victor in Chicago Children's Theatre's "The Houdini Box", directed by Blair Thomas. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)with *magic* being the answer to any question.

Chicago Children’s Theatre presents the world premiere of The Houdini Box.  Victor loves magic!  He idolizes Harry Houdini.  He wants to be a great magician.  He’s obsessed with tricks.  His mother wants to break the spell.  She decides to take him on a road trip.  In the train station, he meets a mysterious man.  Is it Harry Houdini?  Or is it another illusion?  Victor leans towards amazement.  What makes The Houdini Box marvelous?  Magic!

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